Stanley's Story in Brief

Stanley Villavicencio is a married layperson with 13 children, and a living witness to the miraculous power of Divine Mercy. He is not an ordained priest or deacon, thus most people simply choose to call him "Brother Stanley".

In 1993 Stanly was found in bed bleeding profusely from the mouth by one of his family members. He was rushed to the hospital.  After a tremendous loss of blood Stanley went into a deep coma and soon after was declared clinically dead. His family refused the hospital to place him in the morgue.  They did, however, order his coffin and made arrangements for his funeral. Suddenly after 3 days, he woke up at 8AM in perfect health!

While he lay ‘dead’ Stanley says he spoke with Jesus. As he died, the first image he saw was the image of Christ as the Divine Mercy. Stanley reviewed his life 3 times as Jesus watched, seeing all the good things he had done and all his sins too.  Jesus asked him if he was willing to go back to His people and preach the message of Divine Mercy to a world in dire need of mercy.  Stanley said "yes" and awoke immediately - his health fully restored.

Since 1993 he has spoken nearly 7000 times in his efforts to evangelize - all over the world. At the canonization of St. Faustina in Rome in the year 2000 Stanley gave his testimony to 36 Cardinals, 38 bishops, and many priests.

Many healings have come during the veneration of the Divine Mercy  image Stanley takes with him everywhere he goes. The veneration comes at the end of Stanley’s presentation.